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In the Civil   Branch , we provide legal counseling in the analysis and elaboration of contracts, useful for you and your company, such as rental agreements, leasing agreements, property sales contracts, and sales commission agreements, among others. Furthermore, we offer attention to Civil Lawsuits your company may be involved in.

In the  Commercial   and Corporate Branch , we have a broad experience in the creation of companies and modification to their legal statutes as well as with mergers, promoting the holding of ordinary and extraordinary board meetings as well as the increase and decrease of share capital. Regarding documents of commercial nature, we offer debt collection services and provide your personnel training courses to handle it appropriate. We also offer advisory assistance in promoting and answering commercial lawsuits. 

In the Fiscal and   Administrative Branch , we defend you or your company's interests as a tax payer contributor, giving notice of appeal against the Municipal Court, the Administrative Litigious Court, the District Attorney Office as well as the Federal Court for Fiscal and Administrative Justice, with the intention of resolving the legal problems that you may encounter with the Fiscal Authority. Furthermore, we offer fiscal engineering strategies, detecting opportunities for fiscal savings and the developing of tools for the optimization of resources.

In the  Labor Branch , we provide advisory assistance in all related with: personnel recruitment, and the procedure for the required permits in case of foreigners; internal job regulations; the creation and implementation of recruiting and training mixed commissions as well as for security and hygiene. We create, revise and apply methods for staff control, negotiation of collective contracts as well as resolving labor conflicts or any other kind of employment litigation before the Worker's Settlement and Arbitration Board. 

Also, we help with issues that derive from work relations that concern the employee's social security, such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Mexican Institute of Housing and Urban Development for Workers (INFONAVIT), including the similar Institutes but for the State Workers (ISSSTE and FOVISSSTE, respectively), as well as the Retirement Savings System (SAR), and the Mexican Pension Fund Managers (AFORES), among others.

In the Criminal Field , we file criminal complaints and lawsuits'; doing the follow ups on the preliminary criminal investigation, and once the Prosecutor files the criminal action, serve as an Assistant to the Public Prosecutor, representative of the Attorney General Office, during the criminal trial. We can as well implement administrative measures for the prosecution of employees for crimes committed in the job.

Also, in the Migratory Branch , we offered legal advise an assistance for you or your company in the obtaining of visas for visitors nonimmigrant or immigrants (FM, FM2, FM3), before the National Migration Institute (INM), whish allows your foreign employees, the families of these or their economic dependents, as well as to people individually, to maintain legal stay in this Country and to carry out lucrative activities in Mexican territory, as well as Notices and other arrangements before the INM, like changes of migratory condition and regularizations, even adoption proceeding permits, authorizations so that foreigners can marry a Mexican national, certifications to start divorce or marriage annulment proceedings, among others.

We can also handle your requests for the Mexican Nationality Declaration, document that is given to the people born outside the Mexican territory but are the son or daughter of a Mexican father or mother.